‘…book itself is extremely good value for money - many smaller and far less documented works are much more expensive!’

Jean-Paul Thevenet – member of The Ghost Club Int.

‘It's much, much better than in my wildest dreams and I can't wait to read it and update my database at the same time ! This is a tremendous effort and the result is just fantastic!

May I introduce you to a fantastic book: "Rippon Bros., a coachbuilder of renown", Rippon Bros were the oldest English coachbuilders and they built bodies on RR and many other marques from the earliest days until 1952, and they even continued trading in RR & B cars and more up to the Phantom VI and beyond. All the cars are listed with a lot of details and the book is wonderfully illustrated. No stone is left unturned. Author Jonathan Wood has just written a book which will make not only your day, but your year... He's one of the very best car historians worldwide and the value for money of this book is just unbeatable. 450 pages & the definitive work on the subject. It's the ideal Christmas present, but why should you wait for the December rush ? buy it now, calmly, read it and wrap it up on 23rd Dec!’

André Blaize – French RR expert and the President of The Ghost Club Int.

‘…the Rippon book is a remarkable achievement and in more ways than one. Not only is it easy to read but tells much more than it weighs (which is a LOT!) -there is so much that this book will give back to you all. All in all an achievement of capital value and on many, many levels. Jonathan Wood has really done a beautiful job- an easy but important read.’

Gerard le Clerc – President of RREC Section Romande

‘What a labour of love. Short of the family Bible and the English dictionary, it is the weightiest tome in the house! I have got as far as the first five chapters and am doing my best to absorb all the detail therein. It really is most impressive and I am sure that you must be delighted with the end product, which is a magnificent tribute to the work of your forebears.’

Ian Dussek – trustee of the Michael Sedgwick Trust

‘Today (Tuesday) I received my copy of your book about Rippon Bros. I am totally impressed! How you managed to pull all that information together and present it in such an attractive format I just don't know. It must have been a huge amount of work. I am sure it will be well-received by all those who had any association with Rippon Bros. and those who still own Rippon-built cars. The reproduction of the photos of my father and his illustrations is excellent. Quite a surprise to me to see the two-page spread of the illustration of the green RR Wraith.’

John Butterworth – son of Joe Butterworth, Rippon Brosaward winning body designer in the 1930’s

‘Jonathan, I must congratulate you on the production which is superb.  I am sure it will become the yardstick by which we will judge self-published books for a long time.  All that before I have read it!

Michael Ware - a former curator of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu and the chairman of the Michael Sedgwick Trust

One of the finest, well researched written books in recent years – a must for any Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Library’

Martin Woodnutt



Containing over 300 illustrations in black and white and colour, measuring 234 x 234 x 40mm, Rippon Bros a coachbuilder of Renown, has 464 pages, of which 83 are appendices. It costs £75, plus postage and packing.